Annual HIPAA Risk Assessment Audit

Package #1
One-Time HIPAA Risk Assessment

Required by Law at least annually.

Perform a single full HIPAA Risk Assessment audit on an annual basis, including defining the scope of the audit and establishing a process to ensure that audits are thorough and independent. 


Full external HIPAA Risk Assessments start at $2800

Package #2
HIPAA Risk Assessment and Compliance Subscription Plan (vCISO services)

Perform an annual HIPAA Risk Assessment, provide ongoing support for HIPAA and IT Security Policies and Procedure development.

CIS20 Controls Cyber Security Risk Assessment (meets State of California Security Control Standards)

Unlimited email support for HIPAA and Cyber Security questions.

Quarterly 1 hour meetings to align goals and provide guidance on best practices.

Implementation help for 50+ HIPAA/IT Security related policies.


Annual plans start at $350 a month.

Other Pricing

Please call for a custom quote or if you want individual services.

We also offer HIPAA Risk Assessment Training Classes for your entire IT staff.  Call for a quote.

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