CPRA - California Privacy Rights Act (CCPA 2.0)

New Requirements

Note #1
Regular Risk Assessments will be required

Required by Law at least annually.

Perform a cybersecurity audit on an annual basis, including defining the scope of the audit and establishing a process to ensure that audits are thorough and independent. The factors to be considered in determining when processing may result in significant risk to the security of personal information shall include the size and complexity of the business and the nature and scope of processing activities.

Note #2
You Must submit your risk assessment to the California Privacy protection Agency

Required by the new law.

Submit to the California Privacy Protection Agency on a regular basis a risk assessment with respect to their processing of personal information. This should include whether the processing involves sensitive personal information and identifying and weighing the benefits resulting from the processing to the business, the consumer, other stakeholders, and the public, against the potential risks to the rights of the consumer associated with such processing, with the goal of restricting or prohibiting such processing if the risks to privacy of the consumer outweigh the benefits resulting from processing to the consumer, the business, other stakeholders, and the public.


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